Uncategorized December 22, 2023

Solstice & Celebrations


Ashli here 🙂

Another year is coming to an end, and I find myself amused as I ponder the juxtaposition of Holiday Season & Hygge (aka snuggle) Season. When I think of Winter in WA State, I think of crackling logs in the fireplace, a steaming hot toddy in hand and cozying up to our 2 dogs amidst a mountain of blankets on the couch, as the pitter patter sounds of rain glide down our living room windows. At the very least, this is the happy place I’ve created in my mind when the hustling, bustling reality of the holidays seems to take up more real estate in my brain than I’d like to admit.  It can take a concerted effort to make that happy place a real thing on any given evening, but I do make it a point to land in Hyggeville at least once or twice before Christmas.  By the way, in case you’re sitting here thinking, “what the heck is higgy?!” allow me to help:

Hygge is a feeling. It’s a place. It’s a way of being.

And during the Solstice season when schedules are packed…juggling office holiday parties, school choir performances, making sure your gift deliveries all make it to the house before Christmas Eve, [internal monologue: oh dang, I hope these sniffles aren’t actually the flu coming on, I don’t have time for this]  and OHMYGOSH I still need to find a vegan soy-free gluten-free rice free cookie recipe to bring to the White Elephant gift exchange, aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Wait, aren’t these things supposed to feel like celebrations?!

Stop for a moment.

Stand at your living room window, or stand outside on your front porch.

Feel your feet flat on the ground.

Take a deep breath.

Now exhale, slowly.

Consider all you’ve accomplished this year; everything you’ve been through and everything you’ve overcome.

Everything you’re ready to leave behind and everything you’re looking forward to.

While you’re at it, give yourself a warm mental hug and be present in this moment.

You’re here.

And that here-ness is such a gift.

That here-ness is all that matters right now.

Wishing you and yours the happiest holidays as we phase out of 2023.