We are excited for you to begin the journey that is the home buying process. This can often be an emotional and deeply personal experience, so we promise to walk you through each step with knowledge, care and experience. Our goal is to guide you in such a way that you not only set attainable goals, but feel empowered to reach them.

Where should you begin?

First Time Buyer

You're ready to make the jump from renting to owning something of your own. This commitment is a great step towards Homeownership and we're here to ensure you set out on the right track. We offer education on the current market conditions in order to help you set realistic goals, and ultimately write a winning offer.

Change of Space

You've already purchased one house, or perhaps a few more than that. Now, it's time for an upgrade to accommodate a change in lifestyle or even a growing family. Whatever your needs may be, we're here to listen and facilitate the process in purchasing another home.


Is it time to sell? We offer an in-depth listing analysis so you'll have a better understanding of your home's current value.


A lot of life happens between your first home and where you are now. The adventure continues as you find yourself settling into a new and exciting time. We're here to accommodate your wants and needs to ensure you're taking the right steps toward this next chapter of your journey.


Reach out to us when you're ready to take the next step. No matter where you fall in the realm of expertise, we are here to meet you where you are.

What to Expect

Meet With Us

We sit with you and get to know your vision, where you want to be, your must-haves and your non-negotiables.


Meet with a trusted Lender to discuss your budget. We work with some absolute rockstar Mortgage Lenders, and we're happy provide their references.

Knowledge & Understanding

Once you have a realistic budget in mind, we will invite you to a Buyer's Meeting. We'll educate you on contracts, important deadlines, real estate lingo and more. This is where the fun begins.


The Seattle Real Estate Market is complex, and fast. We educate you on market trends so you have a deeper understanding of the current environment and a stronger connection to your experience.


We will create a custom search criteria for your Home search on the MLS, where homes are listed. You can bookmark your favorites, and we'll schedule time with you to show them. You'll find your likes, dislikes and must-haves in person.


We will consult with you, educate and empower your decision to make an offer on a home. This multi-step process incites our duty of loyalty, confidentiality and our priority to your best interests. We'll walk you through every step.


Home Inspections provide a thorough explanation of a home's condition. An Inspector will check every inch of a home to check for anything that could be a concern, and later provides a complete write-up of their findings. If necessary, this allows us to negotiate repairs or finances with the Seller.

Escrow + Closing

We work with a 3rd party Escrow Agent to coordinate documents between all parties: Lender, Buyer, Seller, Listing Agent and Buyer's Agent. Through this process, we maintain deadlines and keep you up to date on the success of the transaction in order to get you keys to your new Home.





All documents have been signed, recorded and closed. We'll meet with you to hand over the keys and welcome you Home.