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Let’s Talk About the NAR Settlement

You’ve likely heard or read about the national news regarding the settlement involving the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The news quickly swept across the US, splashing across major media outlets and ringing alarms about the Real Estate Industry as a whole.  In the spirit of transparency, which is one of the key components to how we manage our business, let’s talk about this. Windermere CEO and co-chair Presidents recently released a statement, but it’s important that you hear directly from us.

Recent developments in the real estate industry concerning the settlement of a class action lawsuit by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has raised a number of questions, especially as it pertains to agent compensation.  Historically, a Listing Agent and their Seller negotiate broker compensation, paid for by the Seller, which is then split between the Listing Agent and the Buyer Agent in the closing transaction.  If you’ve sold a house with us, you may remember this conversation and the Agency Agreement where this language exists.

“For more than 50 years, Windermere has put integrity and professionalism at the heart of our business, especially during times of change and uncertainty like we’re seeing today.” Ashli and I take our responsibility to our clients very seriously and we’re committed to guiding them through any changes that may result from the NAR settlement.

“There has been a great deal of coverage about NAR in the media, which has led to a tidal wave of misinformation. There is also still a lot that is unknown about how the proposed settlement will affect the home buying and selling process. With that in mind, we felt it was important to provide clarity on three of the proposed changes that will likely have the most impact on home buyers and sellers. NAR’s settlement has not yet been approved by the courts, but if it is, the following items will go into effect in July 2024.”

Buyer Agency Agreements:

“Agents representing buyers in every market touched by the settlement agreement across the U.S. will be required to enter into a written agreement with their clients called a Buyer Agency Agreement.” In WA State, this became a mandatory standard of practice as of January 1, 2024. If you purchased a home with us prior to that date, it’s unlikely that you remember this contract. “These agreements cover critical elements of our working relationship such as the term of the agreement, the exclusivity of the representation, the agreed compensation rate, and the agent’s responsibilities to the buyer. We firmly support the requirement of a Buyer Agency Agreement as an opportunity to provide increased protections for buyers (and us) and to create a more informed real estate environment for all parties involved. It’s worth noting that Buyer Agency Agreements are already required by law in certain states where Windermere operates, including Idaho, Utah, and Washington.”

Decoupled Commissions:

“The commissions that are paid to a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent will be decoupled, a change that is intended to provide more transparency about how agents on both sides of the transaction are compensated. This means that what was once customary, which was for the seller to pay the entire commission to be divided between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent, will now be separated. Under the new rules, the default is that the seller will pay the listing agent and the buyer will pay the buyer’s agent. That’s not to say that the seller has lost the option to pay the buyer’s agent, and in many cases they may choose to do just that. One example might be when the buyer is using a VA home loan which doesn’t allow them to pay a commission by law, or to help a first-time buyer who lacks funding for the commission cost on top of the down payment and closing costs. It could also be a seller who understands the value that a buyer’s agent brings to the transaction and wants to ensure they are compensated for their work. Buyer’s agents work hard for their clients.”

When we work with Buyers, we provide up front education on not only the current market, but the home-buying process as a whole, including preliminary contract form review, Lender recommendations, actual contract negotiation review, and more. This is in attempt to bolster the confidence of our Buyers, ensuring they feel empowered to make informed decisions in what is often a demanding time. Buying a home can often take months, or sometimes years, and we’re with you until you’re holding the keys to your new home.

When we work with Sellers, the effort is the same, but organized differently. Most homeowners are unfamiliar with what goes into selling a home until it comes time to sell their own.  Preliminary prep work includes site visits to the home, consulting on improvements to make the home shine for the next owner, inspections, vendor (contractor) coordination and legal forms…lots of legal forms.  There’s a lot of leg work and market analysis that happens months before a home is listed. As it is with our Buyers, we want our Sellers to feel empowered in making informed decisions when selling their home.

Removal of Stated Agency Compensation In Advertised Listings:

When WA State caught wind of this NAR lawsuit back in 2019, the NWMLS began to implement changes with regards to transparency of agent compensation.  Before this, only an agent could see how much compensation they would earn on any given listing.  To get ahead of the issues raised by the participants in the NAR lawsuit, the NWMLS required that any and all buyer agent compensation be stated publicly on the listing for both agents and their clients to view. If the NAR settlement is approved by the courts, this feature would be removed entirely, and neither the agent, nor their buyer client will be able to see if the seller is offering buyer agent compensation.  This is an interesting concept, especially when considering that Buyers are now required to sign agency agreements that agree to compensate their agent, unless that agent is paid by the seller.  Do you think the removal of this feature will help, or hinder buyers?  We’d love to hear your thoughts, if you’d like to send us an email 

“As stated earlier, there are still many unknowns about how the NAR settlement will impact the home buying and selling process, but what we do know is Windermere agents are ready to fiercely support their clients’ best interests through these changes, as we’ve always done. Windermere has committed to stand alongside us and continue to use their influence to advocate for a fair, transparent, and equitable real estate experience for all involved.”

As with any change on the horizon, we learn first and adapt accordingly. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and have open discussions as new information becomes available.

– Joe & Ashli Haglund, Brokers at Windermere Greenwood


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Solstice & Celebrations


Ashli here 🙂

Another year is coming to an end, and I find myself amused as I ponder the juxtaposition of Holiday Season & Hygge (aka snuggle) Season. When I think of Winter in WA State, I think of crackling logs in the fireplace, a steaming hot toddy in hand and cozying up to our 2 dogs amidst a mountain of blankets on the couch, as the pitter patter sounds of rain glide down our living room windows. At the very least, this is the happy place I’ve created in my mind when the hustling, bustling reality of the holidays seems to take up more real estate in my brain than I’d like to admit.  It can take a concerted effort to make that happy place a real thing on any given evening, but I do make it a point to land in Hyggeville at least once or twice before Christmas.  By the way, in case you’re sitting here thinking, “what the heck is higgy?!” allow me to help:

Hygge is a feeling. It’s a place. It’s a way of being.

And during the Solstice season when schedules are packed…juggling office holiday parties, school choir performances, making sure your gift deliveries all make it to the house before Christmas Eve, [internal monologue: oh dang, I hope these sniffles aren’t actually the flu coming on, I don’t have time for this]  and OHMYGOSH I still need to find a vegan soy-free gluten-free rice free cookie recipe to bring to the White Elephant gift exchange, aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Wait, aren’t these things supposed to feel like celebrations?!

Stop for a moment.

Stand at your living room window, or stand outside on your front porch.

Feel your feet flat on the ground.

Take a deep breath.

Now exhale, slowly.

Consider all you’ve accomplished this year; everything you’ve been through and everything you’ve overcome.

Everything you’re ready to leave behind and everything you’re looking forward to.

While you’re at it, give yourself a warm mental hug and be present in this moment.

You’re here.

And that here-ness is such a gift.

That here-ness is all that matters right now.

Wishing you and yours the happiest holidays as we phase out of 2023.

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What an interesting season it’s been in the Real Estate market here in Western WA.  Interest rates sure have put a damper on Buyer demand in comparison to recent years, haven’t they?!  Let’s piggyback off of last month’s Blog Post about the pro’s and con’s of the current market conditions, with interest rates sitting at their current numbers.


We often hear from Buyers that a co-worker or friend of a friend whispered to them something to the effect of “You can always get a deal on a house in the Fall/Winter market.”  While that’s not necessarily true, it’s not completely false, either.  We talk a lot about market conditions, and how their volatility can quickly sway the market in any direction. For example, in November of 2020, we had 6 clients under contract to buy or sell a house and the average sold price was anywhere from 8-15% above the home’s original list price. Unless a property was in substantial disrepair, overpriced or it was a condo (condo’s weren’t performing as well as single-family homes in terms of Buyer demand), this was a common recurrence throughout that season, extending into 2021 and 2022.


Fast forward to Fall/Winter of 2023 and we are singing a very different tune.  This is where current market conditions have favored our Buyers.  We call this a more “Balanced” market. This season, we were able to negotiate offer terms like final sold price and closing costs in favor of our Buyers, and even squeeze in a few repair requests because of an inspection contingency.  It’s been a very long time since Seller repairs were included in our clients’ contracts!  How did this happen?  Simply put, there are fewer Buyers competing for homes because interest rates are still higher than they’ve been in recent years.  With so many Buyers waiting until interest rates drop before they reignite their search, there’s been a noticeable opportunity for fair negotiations.


For homeowners considering whether or not to finish the basement for more space, or prepare to list your home, you should know that exceptional homes are still selling at or above list price (~ 5% above list price, on average) and we’re still seeing offer review dates on some new listings.  But what is an exceptional home?  They are turn-key properties with clean inspection reports, great staging and a list price that represents a fair market value for the market we’re currently in.  Buyers are still willing to compete for homes that are move-in ready, rather than homes that need substantial updates or costly repairs.  Spending a couple grand on new carpet or investing a little extra on the exterior paint could very well make the difference in a full price offer vs. a listing that gets passed up. We know that major media headlines may be telling you that the sky is falling in the real estate market, but Seattle’s economy is still holding strong, Sellers! And we all know by now that doom = clicks.  If you want the details on your local market, we’re happy to get you relevant answers.


While we’re hopeful for rates to trickle down, the FED isn’t exactly delivering any solid promises for the near future.  Every few months it’s a glimmer of hope and then a vague back peddle to the tune of “maybe, maybe not.” Disclaimer: We really, and I mean reeeeeaaalllly dislike a sales pitch, but in spite of the risk of sounding salesy… As a Buyer, you may actually have more power to negotiate now than in the Spring market when we usually see a big market shift.  Even if interest rates don’t budge between now and March, you’ll still be competing against a smaller pool of eager house-hunters before Spring kicks in.


Balance is good!  Balance brings opportunity.  Balance helps to bring perspective and manageable expectations.  Here’s hoping for continued balance as we navigate the Holiday season and prepare for what’s next.


-Joe & Ashli Haglund

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Days on Market vs. Timing the Market


As the leaves change colors and the temperatures begin to cool, so too does the housing market in Seattle.  Because really… who wants to move that heavy, overstuffed (and ripped) leather chair that lives in the basement…while it’s pouring rain?  Cozy season allows us to slow down and gather our thoughts as we close out the year and prepare for the next. During this time, you may even begin your preparation of goals for the following year. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Homebuyers to decide that December 31st is just too late to set a resolution for a home purchase.  Our Cozy Season is usually the time of year when we begin to meet clients who would like to plan for Buying and/or Selling a home within the next 6 to 12 months.  We love having these conversations because we get the opportunity to educate people on the current market conditions, aaaannnnd we get to dispell age-old market myths, and often reassure you that the sky is, in fact, not falling. It’s just low rainclouds 😉

Currently, there are a number of question marks looming over the heads of those watching the Real Estate Market on both a national & local level.  The most common question we get over & over is a variation of “How can we time the market to get the best rates & the best deal?”  Whew!  What a loaded question. The short answer?

It’s impossible to time the market, even for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Professionals and Housing Economists. It just is.


We avoid making predictions about future market conditions, including predictions on where interest rates will fall during any given month or year.  Why? Because so much can change in such a short amount of time.  See: 2020 – 2022. We won’t get into the nitty gritty of the Fed this time, but we will say that there are several Federal Government factors that shape the housing economy.  In 2023, we frequently watched the Fed rates creep up, and up…and up… leaving many Homebuyers with less purchase power, and even more Sellers with waning confidence to put their home on the market. According to Freddie Mac, this time last year (October 2022), the Fed rate was sitting at roughly 6.94% for a 30-year loan.  Six months prior, in the beginning of April of 2022, it was 4.67% and by the end of that month, rates had increased to about 5.1%.  You can see how quickly rates change.  The value of a home also changes, as the two are in direct correlation with each other.  That is to say, when rates are low, demand is high. The inverse is also true. Depending on which side of the purchase you’re on, this could be felt as positive or incredibly frustrating. There’s one more thing to consider… Inventory. How many Sellers are selling at the time when Buyers want to purchase?


In the previous 5 years, we’ve counseled Buyers to consider their long-term goal when it comes to buying a home.  Is it more important to purchase a home that you can realistically afford today and begin to increase home equity, OR is the attempt to time the market worth it, despite the risk of both Buyer demand and home prices increasing beyond your means? Of course, when you’re purchasing the largest asset you’ll ever own, you want to love it. You want it to be a Pinterest dream come true. Are you willing to set aside the Barbie dream house and pivot to the ‘Right Now’ house, knowing that it’s highly likely your equity values will have increased by the time you’re ready to sell? Today, the average time spent living in a home is 10 years, according to the National Association of Realtors, but many first-time Buyers find themselves ready to make the upgrade after 5-7 years.  Relationship changes, growing families and job promotions all play a role in the need for a change of space.



We mentioned Inventory earlier.  When Sellers cannot meet the demand of Buyers, housing prices typically increase.  A home is only worth what a Buyer is willing to pay for it; often when writing an offer in a highly competitive market, Buyers are expected to spend more money on a home than its current list price AND to waive contingencies that would otherwise pad protections, like financing contingencies, inspection contingencies and the release of earnest money. Some will even include aggressively short periods of time in Escrow. Currently, King County is sitting at 1.6 months of housing inventory, which is higher than it’s been in recent years.  Compare this to the height of the 2020 housing frenzy, we were at .5 months of inventory.  That is to say, if all new listings came to a screeching halt today, we would run out of available homes in King County in just under 2 months.  When there are fewer Buyers than there are Sellers, housing prices stabilize, allowing the more risk-averse, or opportunistic Buyer to purchase a home closer to Fair Market Value than they have been in the previous 5 years.

Despite interest rates being where they are today, there are benefits to purchasing a home in today’s market. 

With less competition, you’ll be ahead of the curve and snuggling on the couch in your new home by the time interest rates decrease and Buyers flood the market in order to capture an affordable rate.  Speaking of affordable rates, that’s a great time to refinance your mortgage.  There are specific Lenders currently offering mortgage products that include complimentary or reduced refinancing in the future. If that piques your interest, get in touch with us and we’ll put you in contact with them so you can learn more.


When you’re ready, we’re here to help you live where you feel at home.

Joe & Ashli Haglund


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Love for Our Neighbors…and Pie!


In Early November, we launched a donation drive to collect a list of “survival items” in support of DESC, a local award winning organization who works tirelessly to end homelessness in Seattle. We posted flyers around Greenwood and Phinney, we hung one up in our office, and we even scored a shoutout on the Phinneywood neighborhood blog. Chris, the owner of Ala Mode Pie, a local neighborhood pie shop in Phinney (with a new Ballard location, too!) was gracious enough to partner with us on this event. Anyone who donated in person at our Woodland Park event went home with a personal pie from Ala Mode and they could enter a raffle to win a full sized pie, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

In the days leading up to this launch, and with this being our first organized community support drive, we high hopes and even higher nerves.  What if no one shows up to our event at Woodland Park? What if we don’t collect much of anything? Do people care? Do people even like pie?

It would have been fine. We would have been fine, seriously.  BUT IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN FINE!


IN FACT, IT WAS AMAZING! Between drop-offs at our office, neighbors coming by our house to drop winter coats, and our in-person donation event at Woodland Park, we collected more than 50 winter coats, 20 pairs of pants, 10 scarves, 10 beanies, 6 pairs of winter boots + shoes, and I lost count for how many tubes of toothpaste were donated. We even had generous neighbors and clients bring grocery store gift cards and it was enough to make our hearts sing. We were floored at the generosity of people coming together to be a part of something bigger than all of us.



Thank you for caring. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for going out of your way to show kindness to a community who is so often overlooked and misjudged. Thank you for continuing to surprise us in unforgettable ways. We are so thankful that you are a part of our lives, and we can’t wait to see what this next season of giving has in store. If you missed this one, don’t fret. With the success of this donation drive, we promise there will be many more in the future. Stay tuned.

If you’re feeling inclined to donate to this incredible organization, please visit their website and donate there. DESC has many ways that you can contribute, and they’re preparing to open a new permanent supportive housing building in early 2022. For $250, you can sponsor a brand new apartment furnished with basic necessities to help someone transition from a life of homelessness into a life of stability and hope. Of course, you’re welcome to donate any financial amount of your choosing, and DESC will use that money to fund one of their incredible programs to provide services to those who are the most vulnerable among us.


All our love,

Joe + Ashli Haglund

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Care in a Time of Crisis: A Donation Drive for DESC

Hey y’all, Ashli here. I’d like to take a moment to share a piece of my heart.

When I first moved to Seattle 11 years ago, I felt pretty isolated. After spending almost my entire life in sunny Southern California, everything about moving to Seattle felt like a new, unfamiliar, terrifying adventure. I moved to this city on a whim in 2010 without knowing a single person here, nearly broke with only $1,500 in my bank account to cover 2 months’ rent (I had 3 roommates at the time), plus a little extra for food and gas to get me to job interviews. I struggled socially, mentally, emotionally, and I will spare you my griping woes about acclimating to the weather. I have vivid memories of my early days living in this city. Specifically, I recall one evening on the phone with my dad while I was in the middle of making dinner.  That night, dinner was a bowl of plain white rice –  the only thing I had left in my cupboard, and I had already allocated $20 for gas to get myself to a job interview the next day. My budget was far from flexible. After a month of job interviews and no promising prospects, I had come to accept that this was my struggle to own, and I tried to let on that I was doing fine. In reality, I was starting to panic. My dad asked cheerfully, “What’s for dinner?” and I hesitated before answering truthfully. My dad must have heard the wavering in my voice, because he & my mom showed up 3 hours later, unannounced, with 2 bags of Trader Joe’s groceries. For context, my parents live up north in Mount Vernon, WA, about 90 minutes north of Seattle. Without their help and generosity, I would have been out of rice by the end of that week, and my mental health would have plummeted.

The difference between my experience and the experience of others who are currently facing homelessness is vast. I had help. I had familial support, and at the end of the day, I still had a roof over my head and a safe, warm bed to rest at night. Without this support, I too, would have ended up living in a makeshift shelter, trying to survive daily while combating the shame and overall vulnerability that comes with losing your dignity, your home.

Homelessness is not a new development in Seattle, but it is more prevalent now than in past years.

In the late 70’s, this city began to witness an increase of people in the houseless community. On November 19, DESC opened its doors as an overnight emergency shelter in the ballroom of Pioneer Square’s Morrison Hotel. From 7 p.m.-7 a.m., a staff of 14 welcomed nearly 200 homeless adults through its doors on a first-come, first-served system. DESC began as a partnership between the City of Seattle, the Greater Seattle Council of Churches, and WAMI (Washington Advocates for the Mentally Ill) to address the shortage of services in the community.

By the 1980’s, the Downtown Seattle area experienced such a significant increase in the houseless community that various leaders in Community Organization knew they had to act.  Fast forward to 2020. In spite of challenges during a global pandemic, an on-going public health crisis in the houseless community, and Covid-19 related shelter capacity restrictions as the cherry on top, DESC has managed to spearhead the issue of an affordable housing shortage while continuing to remain a world leader in crisis assessment & response.

DESC is an award-winning local organization that works tirelessly to end homelessness in Seattle.  Above all else, they know that permanent shelter is the answer. That’s why they’re opening 4 brand new low income housing facilities in Seattle, as a means to provide permanent shelter, medical and mental health services, 24 hour staff, crisis response, employment support + training, and a restoration of human dignity to those who have remained unhoused for so long. They rely on both government funding and communal support to continue their daily operations in service of 3500 adults per day. We are in full support of their mission.

This year, we are launching a Pop-Up & Drop Off Donation Drive to collect what DESC describes as “Survival Items” to help people survive the winter in Seattle.  These items, while they may seem trivial to some, are considered vital to meet the bottom of the barrel, basic needs for those living without a permanent home. When you’re living outside and carrying every item you own in a duffel bag, it’s likely that you’d also be wearing every piece of clothing you own in an attempt to stay warm. Have you ever tried to layer a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, thick sweater and a hoodie underneath your raincoat? You’d probably come out looking like that kid from A Christmas Story. Good luck trying to put your arms down at your sides.  If, for some reason, you found yourself in need to layer this much clothing, it would probably suit you better to wear a larger sized coat.  According to Don Rupp, DESC’s Community Resources and Events Manager, XXL coats address this problem and it’s one of the items they have the least amount of. Not only that, but larger coats can prevent people from freezing to death by doubling as extra body coverage while sleeping. Because of this shortage, it’s a survival item that is frequently stolen off a houseless person sleeping in the night.

From now until Tuesday, November 23rd, we are collecting a list of items which are currently the most needed. These items will better the chances of survival by those living unhoused while they wait for permanent shelter.  Donated items can be new or used, but we ask for clean items only:

You can drop these items off at our office, Windermere Greenwood, at 311 N 85th Street in Seattle. There is a parking lot in front of the office for your convenience.  If you can’t drop off during the week, we are hosting a Pop-up & Drop-off Event at the NW area of Woodland Park near the West Playground on Saturday November 20th from 11am-3pm. You can drop off your donated items and go home with a mini-pie from Ala Mode Pies in Phinney Ridge – Our way of saying THANK YOU! for giving back to the community.  Every donor also has the opportunity to enter our raffle for one of two full-sized holiday pies, just in time for Thanksgiving!

For us, being a part of a community means that we see our own humanity reflected in the faces of others. It means lending a helping hand when able, and it looks like coming together in numbers to better the lives of others. This is bigger than just us, and we are asking for your help. Help us care for those who need it the most. Help us help someone get through the winter. Help us help someone transition into permanent housing. Help us help them.

With all of our love and gratitude,

Ashli + Joe Haglund

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Should You Sell Your Home in 2021?


It’s only mid-February, and we’ve already had no less than 5 calls from previous clients asking if they should sell their home this year. While this is a normal question that frequently pops up throughout the year, it’s interesting to see this question come up so frequently in recent weeks. We know you’re paying attention!

While the answer isn’t exactly simple or blanketed, it’s important to note one specific thing: Asking a real estate agent if you should sell your home is kind of like asking a car salesman if you should buy a car. While we would directly benefit from the sale of your home, we’re not interested in self-serving practices and have absolutely no qualms in suggesting that Sellers wait to sell when it’s not actually beneficial to them.

There are a few factors to consider:

  • How long ago did you purchase your home?
  • What is the current market like for Sellers? (as I type this, it’s a WILD Seller’s market, by the way)
  • Are other homes in your neighborhood appreciating in value?
  • Are other homes going up for sale in your neighborhood?
  • What is the condition of your home?
  • Are you prepared to enter this current market as a Buyer?
  • Are you able to vacate your home for any amount of time while it’s on the market?
  • What is your plan for moving?
    • Relocation?
    • Change of neighborhood?
    • Upsizing?
    • Downsizing?
    • Renting?
    • Sabbatical?
  • Would the potential proceeds of your home be worth the cost of Selling?

That last question is one that we are happy to answer if you’re serious about pursuing the option of Selling your current home. It takes a bit of financial investment and patience to sell a home, but first, we’ll do a Comparable Market Analysis to survey other recently sold homes in your area. On that CMA, you’ll see similar homes and their list price vs. sold price, which will be a great indicator of the profit margin in your home’s net equity, especially if you’re current on your mortgage balance.

If the answers to these questions all point to YES! LET’S DO IT! then you’re in the right place. When listing a home to sell, the most important aspect in marketing to potential Buyers is your home’s current condition. You’ve spent the last…however many years making this home your own, but now it’s time to move on. We try to market homes that speak to a wider audience than just those whose personal style may mirror your own. Listing preparation can make or break the sale of your home. Depending on necessary repairs and paint touchups, this process can sometimes take a few months, but we’ve also managed to bring a home on the market in just a few weeks. Either way, we are happy to coordinate vendors, home staging and photography for a seamless experience that alleviates most of the potential stress of selling. We take care of the marketing costs like photography and video, but there are other costs to consider.

The most common updates in listing preparation look a bit like this:

  • Fresh paint throughout! Unless you walk through life in white gloves and a bubbly-boy suit, chances are your walls need a little love. Neutrals and light tones are best.
  • Whole- House pre-inspections! This is a great way to understand the current condition of your home, and serves as a tangible checklist for scheduling minor repairs and/ or updates to your home prior to listing on the market. The cost usually runs about $450-$500 and it’s absolutely worth it! A pre-inspection addresses some big concerns, like:
    • Is your electrical system up to date?
    • Is your plumbing system a potential red flag?
    • What is the current condition of your roof?
    • Are there minor fixes that could make a bigger impact on Buyer interest if they were repaired?
    • **Keep in mind, any flaws found in your home which are noted on the inspection report require you, by law, to disclose to Buyers. With that in mind, this “Should we sell?” conversation should happen before you schedule any home inspection.
  • Don’t feel pressure to do a kitchen renovation. In some cases, its beneficial. In others, it’s an unnecessary stress. We’re happy to consult with you on renovation subjects and provide resources on cost vs. value.
  • Landscaping + Curb Appeal: First impressions are everything. Often, the first photo on a listing is the exterior of the home. This photo will capture the attention of potential buyers, and they’re looking for homes that stand out! Fresh mulch, secure retaining walls, perennial flowers and manicured lawns will go a long way. For some, landscaping is a DIY project that Sellers are happy to dig into.
  • Home Staging: There’s no other way to say this – A vacant and professionally staged home sells faster. The end.

Keep in mind, the Spring market is just around the corner. April – the first 2 weeks of June is historically B-A-N-A-N-A-S for Buyers and Sellers. In Spring, the increase of both inventory and Buyer demand happens simultaneously, making for the traditional peak season in real estate. (Except in certain situations, like a global pandemic… but I digress.) Seasonally, it drops off a bit mid-June to accommodate for end of the school year, vacations and the welcome of Summer. Listings pick back up again after July 4th and Buyers still show heavy interest through September. If you want to list your home in 2021, the ideal window is quickly approaching and we’d love to chat more about this with you.

If 2022 if your goal, let’s start this conversation now. Only good can come from preparation, and we’re here to help support you in any way you need 🙂

J & A

^ That’s us walking our dogs down Greenwood Ave. We had a glorious couple of snow days, and hope you did, too!

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Reflecting on 2020

How does one even begin to describe 2020 in a recap sentence? Please don’t say unprecedented… Can we please retire that word, or at the very least, drop the “un” and get back to precedented times?

Through one of the most challenging times we’ve ever faced, we made the point of always seeking something positive to get us through the day. The silver lining. The hidden blessings. The good. The small things. That’s not to say we didn’t experience bad days, or worse. Like many, we trudged through moments of darkness that seemed impossible to navigate. It was in those very depths where we discovered that our Community was the light at the end of that tunnel. When we say Community, it’s not just inclusive of friends and family, but the beating heart and soul of Seattle – People; friends and strangers alike. We saw this city come alive in ways we have never seen before. We banded together, rolled with the punches, marched our way through the Summer months, and embraced a newly illuminated beauty about this city that can only be seen in the humans who contribute to her deeply rooted cultures in people, food, art and innovation.


To kick off 2020, we set incredibly high goals for ourselves as a couple. This was to be the first year that we would be working as a team, rather than individual agents, and we had no idea what was in store for us. We began the year with strong plans and a sales goal in mind that was absolutely attainable, but it was ambitious, as real estate can often be impossible to predict. We wanted 16 transactions – that’s one and a quarter houses per month on average. Doable? Yes. But it would require us to constantly be on the hustle, hosting a lot of lunches, happy hours, networking events, and being glued to our phones. We were pumped and mentally prepared to be very busy in the coming months. Then, Covid was like, “……hold my beer.

To say that the Seattle real estate market was wild in 2020 is a broad understatement. We were all gearing up for what was supposed to be an explosive year in our housing market, only to be stalled and stifled for the first several months and without inspiration on how to change our circumstance. The Spring market usually trickles in from the end of February through March, and the floodgates open in April. With a complete shutdown in March, our faces were masked, but our hands felt tied. This is when the good stuff began roll in, but we were slow to realize. That’s how it always is, isn’t it? We’re so focused on the big picture that we often miss the small, swirling magic that takes place right under our noses. With the launch of our new website, H2 Homes NW we began to get referrals from friends and past clients. Without open houses, we knew we needed to get in front of a wider audience, so we took to YouTube and created videos of us being ourselves and talking about our current lives. Honestly, they didn’t start out great, but our friends think they’re hilarious, so they’re still up on our channel. Please don’t judge us on the first few. *facepalm*


From connecting with clients, to touring homes with new safety restrictions and guidelines from our Governor, and getting involved in a communal effort to keep this city and her citizens afloat, we had one of the busiest years that we were not expecting. By August, we were at 10 transactions and agreed that 16 might not be in the cards for us, but 12 would be a happy ending for the year. Out of (what seemed like) nowhere, we ended up with 17 total sold homes, and 6 of those homes sold within 3 weeks of each other. Q4 of 2020 looked like a tornado of phone calls, emails, and thank you letters, with a whole lot of gratitude in the mix. We were truly humbled by the support we received from friends, family, colleagues and clients alike. We felt compelled to mirror that support, but in the direction of local communities who would directly benefit.

Many don’t know this, but the Windermere Foundation is a big reason why we chose this company to represent us. We donate a portion of every sale we make to the Windermere Foundation, who then uses that money to support low-income families and those experiencing homelessness. Because so many were encumbered and devastated by the impacts of Covid-19, we knew we needed to do more. We were able to contribute large donations to the following local organizations:

Wa Na Wari – Wa Na Wari creates space for Black ownership, possibility and belonging through art, historic preservation and connection.

Mary’s Place – We provide safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness.

DESC – DESC works to end the homelessness of vulnerable people, particularly those living with serious mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and/or chronic health conditions. We choose to work with the most marginalized and most vulnerable people first, not the most cooperative.

People’s Harm Reduction Alliance – PHRA is a drug user empowerment organization that promotes the philosophy of harm reduction and safer drug use.

To all of our current, past and future clients: Thank you. Thank you for trusting us, and thank you for your loyalty and support. We could not make these kinds of contributions to our local communities without you, and we are honored that you choose to work with us. Our gratitude is at an all time high!

Moving forward in 2021, we will continue to support these organizations and others like it, in order to strengthen our city and empower those who are living through various challenges. We have even bigger goals for this year, both for our career and our communal impact, and we’re so excited to share in this journey with you!

In the meantime, if you’re looking to enter the real estate market in Seattle, we want to meet you. We want to know you, and we want to help you live where you feel at Home.

Always love,


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Home Staging…Is It Really Worth It?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, there is a lot to consider. Timing is everything, and so is a kick-ass marketing strategy! Part of that includes staging your home in a way that appeals to a wide audience of prospective buyers. In this video, we take you on a walk through tour of our newest condo listing before + after home staging. Click the play button down below to see for yourself!

MLS #1604419


May 21, 2020 List price: $339,000

Virtual Tour Link: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=N1F2XvaZKST h2homes@windermere.com


Get Connected! www.h2homesnw.com



Staging by: Eden Home Staging https://edenhomestaging.com/

Photography + Matterport Virtual Tour by: Evan Parker https://www.evanparkerphotography.com/

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How’s the Real Estate Market Doing | Spring 2020

The most commonly asked question we get as Real Estate Agents: How’s the market doing? We dive deep into the numbers in this week’s video. We talk about Buyer demand, decreased inventory and what that means for you as a Seller and a Buyer.